Ronin Collection

Though idealized and likely far from the truth, there is something romantic about the modern perception of feudal samurai. As much as they were agents of death, destruction, and violence, they were expected to also be well-rounded people of culture, with a deep connection to art and spirituality.

The samurai doesn’t seek out pointless conflict. When a samurai fights it is not about domination or conquest. A samurai doesn’t fight to win because victory without honor is worse than death. Samurai were far more than just warriors so in times of peace they felt no urge for war.

Many samurai are known as much, if not more, for their contributions to the arts and culture. Haikus, calligraphy, woodblock paintings, music, dance, theater. Many of  the martial arts that they practiced are still used today, both as dominant weapons in combat sports and nonviolent tools of self-expression and mastery.

To me, a ronin represents what it is to be a well-rounded person in a chaotic time. A samurai with no master. No ties to broken ideologies. Led by their own discerning judgment, a ronin is devoted to peace but prepared for war.

Life is worth fighting for but life isn’t just about fighting.

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Showing all 9 results